E-Commerce is abbreviated as “Electronic Commerce”. It is the simplest form that “Buying & Selling of Products in World Wide Web”. Now a day’s E-commerce or Online Shopping is the Best term among the People for their Shopping. Internet Sales are increasing because of the people’s interest on E-Commerce. We may see some of the Benefits of using E-Commerce are

  • Reduced Cost- Labour, Paper Cost and Errors
  • Reduced Time
  • Flexibility and Efficiency

Basic Types of E-Commerce are B2B- Business to Business Trading Activity, B2C- Business to Customer Trading Activity, C2C- Consumer to Consumer, C2B- Consumer to Business, B2A- Business to Administration and C2A- Consumer to Administration.There are two types of E-Commerce Platforms: Hosted and Self-Hosted. Hosted means the Company will Host your Store but Self-Hosted means they will provide Software’s You need to Design your Own Site. Magento is a Self-Hosted type Platform. Here we are going to Discuss about Open Source E-Commerce Platform named as Magento.Magento is one of the most popular Content Management System (CMS) for E-commerce Websites. WordPress and Drupal are better than other CMS but most of them use Magento for the E-Commerce Websites. Now we are going to see the reasons for Magento’s Comfort around People.

MAGENTO HOSTINGMagento is an Open Source

We all know that Magento Community Edition is Free. We can easily edit or alter through Magento. If there is a Magento Expert in your side it will add a plus. It’s possible to change the Magento code and Power up the E-Commerce Websites which will finally lead to improvise our Business.

Incredibly built for E-Commerce
WordPress is a top most CMS in the Industry now but it is not built for E-Commerce. This is why the reason that Magento is the peerless winner of all CMS. Magento provides the preloaded specs and Features that is needed to build an E-Commerce Websites.

Highly Scalable

Magento is a well known CMS for all types of Users and mold it as per our Use. It is used by Small E-Commerce Websites which is available in a State and at the same time used by Huge MNC’s too. Mostly more than 1000 Companies who are having E-Commerce Websites are using Magento.

High Performance

The main parameter for Online Shopping is that the Page Loading Speed, how fast the Page will lead to huge number of Orders or Clients. When we are discussing about Page Load Speed, Query Processing Time and some major parameters in Online Website the Champion will be “Magento”. Based on the Survey of many E-Commerce Software Magento finally Conquer. A few seconds delay of E-commerce site will spoil the conversion of Site Visitors as Customers. But the E-Commerce Website with Magento platform will make your Business one level Up only. Magento Hosting is one of the best solutions for Ecommerce Websites

Ductile and Multi- Tenant

Magento has an Open Architecture. By the use of Magento Specialist you can create highly unique User Experiences along with added customized back-end workflows to meet various Businesses. By the use of One Backend CMS, Magento allows you to create Online Store. You can make control of all your stores through Single Admin Dashboard.

SEO Friendly and Support for Mobile Commerce

As like WordPress, Magento is highly SEO-Friendly CMS. It comes along with pre-loaded various SEO friendly URL’s, Sitemaps, URL rewrites and Meta Tags Description. Along with it the Platform is associated with Google Analytics, Google Checkout and Google Base. Both Community and Enterprise Edition of Magento E-Commerce are along with HTML5 which can be available in Superior Mobiles from Shopping Experience.
From the Above discussed sections you will apologies that “Magento is picking the bunch for E-Commerce Websites”. Thank you for spending your precious time to read my Article.