Why You Need Best Shared Hosting?

Shared Web Hosting is one of the Popular among all the Hosting, where multiple Website shares a large Server. As they are providing Sites on Same Server, so it is one of the most affordable Hosting. It is well suited for Small Business and Personal Website where you enjoy Best Shared web Hosting at an attractive Price. As it is a Shared so easy to use Admin Panel and Control Panel for Newbie too.

As it is a New Business they are less in need of Bandwidth and Disk space. So Shared Hosting is a Best Web Hosting at an attractive prize with User-Friendly Specification to make you Comfortable in Hosting. People needing space for their corporate website and other small volume website are recommended to select Shared Hosting. Prepare to be better by electing the ace web hosting service for the best hosting for corporate websites.

Top 5 Best Shared Web Hosting Companies in India of 2018

RANKING BASED ON Support Price Up Time Features Reviews
1. Best Shared Web Hosting Provider in India, Best Ipage Shared Web hosting in India

Has a Solid Experience in Development of Custom Solutions. Ipage offers a shared Hosting Plans that enables Users to host unlimited Domains for a Monthly Fee. Claims are run by 100% Wind Power.

Best Ipage Shared Web hosting Reviews


“It is one of the best service supplier, speed and support are better than average, and the best thing is backing.” -Jenith





2.Best Bigrock Shared Web hosting Reviews

We ranked Big Rock as No.2 because of its most Competitive rates which are 80% less than other Hosting. Well Designed and Informative Site. Technical Support is prompt.

Best Bigrock Shared Web hosting Reviews in India


“They are heavenly in reviews and client help and data they merit 5 star from my side, 99.9% uptime and pleasant speedy support every day.” -Nithin





3.Best Hosting Raja Shared Web hosting Reviews

Hosting Raja is an only Indian Domain Name Hosting Company. Best boon of Hosting Raja is providing Hosting in Regional Languages. Level of Customer Support and Services is good.

Best Hosting Raja Shared Web hosting Reviews in India


“It only took under 45 minutes to join, exchange records, and make changes through control panel. Good work.” -Guru






FatCow Web Hosting Plan offering Power, Function and Reliability. Its Price of Hosting is Low but Quality is high. Their One-Click Installer includes of , Joomla etc.

Best fatcow Shared Web hosting Reviews in India


“I adore FatCow. The specialized support they give is second to none. You have One fulfilled client here!” -Philip





5.Best Ehost Shared Web hosting Reviews

eHost had been started in 1999 and still in service. Now in 2015 it has been re-branded. It has been brought a New Website Design, New Logo and New Control Panel. It provides Guarantee Customer Satisfaction and Free Marketing Credits.

Best Ehost Shared Web hosting Reviews in India


“One of the best hosting companies out there. They solved every issue right on time.” -Diana





How to choose best shared hosting in India?

Shared hosting is one of the most popular hosting types which are taken over by many website developers as per their needs. Actually, if you are a newbie to the website world, you would obviously get confused between the 10 of options you are going to have. And even if you have chosen the type, the next worry is about choosing the perfect web hosting provider for your needs. If you have already chosen shared hosting as the perfect type of hosting service for you, you can search for the top 5 shared web hosting companies for a better knowledge. Top 5 shared web hosting companies will be available in plenty if you search on Google. All you need to do then is to find the one which shoots the website type of yours. There are many good Magento hosting companies in India along with many best shared hosting providers in India.

If you want to choose the best shared hosting in India, you have to first look for the best shared web hosting provider. Shared hosting is basically the cheapest and the most economical option available out there among the large options. Unlike Magento hosting companies in India, finding the best shared hosting in India is very difficult. There are a ton of options you can choose among and also the choosing has to be done very precisely so that you don’t face any problems further. Shared web hosting is a service where many websites stay on one web server connected to the internet. It is referred to as economical and cheap since only one server is required which reduces the cost to much extent. Like any other hosting service, it also typically uses a web-based control panel system among cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, InterWorkx, H-Sphere and many more.

Best shared hosting in India

Best is a subjective word and it depends from person to person and website to website. If one had to choose best shared hosting in India according to his point of view, it might not match with another person who chose the best shared hosting for India for him. It does differ according to personal preference and the type of website you are developing. One cannot claim that a particular provider is the best shared hosting company in India since it is his personal view. However, in the course of finding the best shared hosting providers in India, you will feel as if you need an IT degree just to pick a shared hosting plan. But these are the things you should look for, in general, before choosing your best shared web hosting provider. These will simplify the process for you to much extent.

Steps to choose the best shared hosting in India:

1. Know your needs

You have to exactly know what your website is all about and what it needs. It is very important to describe the category of your website to yourself so that you can choose the best shared hosting in India according to you. What is your site going to be all about? What kind of resources will it require and how many people are going to visit it everyday? All these questions have to be kept in mind while choosing your best shared web hosting provider for a better future.

If you are new to the website world, it is preferable for you to choose a hosting plan as small as possible, after keeping your needs intact. This is because upgrading your hosting plan is very easy and you can do it anytime but otherwise, money would be wasted if it is unnecessary.

2. Comparison

When you need to select the shared hosting plan, you should check for the features first. How many domains can your hosting plan host? How much is the bandwidth? These are some of the features you should look after. If you are confused between two shared hosting plans call two different shared hosting providers, you can compare other features then. Additional features like SSL certificate would work out for you in the future and you can compare these features in order to choose one shared hosting plan among two or more.

3. Have a good knowledge about the hosting prices

Even if your budget is small and you do not want to put in much on your hosting plan, you should not choose the lowest always. Many web hosting providers give below the par features in the lowest price. This is not what you should go for and you should check the features first.

Having a good knowledge about hosting prices is all about the discounts. If you pay for a long term at once, you would get much discount, if you are a new customer, you can get additional discounts and so on. These are the things you should know about to minimise your cost.

4. Find the most easy-to-use control panel

If you are not very choosy with the features or even if you have chosen the best shared hosting for yourself but they are more than one, the thing you should check next is the control panel. If the control panel is easy to use it is much better for the customisation of your website. Easier to use the control panel, easier the customising of your website. It also depends on your previous experiences of website customising. If you are an expert in it, you would not want to choose an easy to use control panel but if you are a beginners, it is better for you to choose it.

5. Uptime and Reputation

The reputation of your shared web hosting provider is very important. If the reputation is bad and the server goes down very often, that is not the right place for you to host your website from.

The uptime in most of the companies are guaranteed close to 100% but you should check if the reviews say the same thing. The user reviews are the best thing you can look for to know if the promises made by them are true.