A comprehensive list of Top Best Vacation rental website templates that will help you build your vacation rental website.

The best always outshine the average with their excellence. When it comes to software, the best are the ones that make things easy for users. Users love products and software that make them work less, yet deliver maximize results.

Are you looking for a vacation rental website template that can simplify your effort to build a website like Airbnb and the likes?

Well, you have landed at the right spot. Here are a bunch (10 to be exact) of vacation rental web template that you try to build your vacation rental website.

1. Apptha Airhotels

Apptha’s Airhotels is a wonderful vacation rental website theme that makes an impression both technically and visually. The stylish template boasts of several high-flying features for admins, guests and hosts. Admins can control the entire website performance and activities from a single interface.

Using the theme, hosts can showcase their best properties using featured listings, plan hourly booking, share commission with admins and so on. Guests have the facility to log in using Social Logins, pay using several payment methods, make staying arrangements for long periods, setup recurring payments and so on.

Apptha Airhotels-Top 10 Vacation Rental Website Templates

2. Lodgify

Lodgify is a web-based vacation rental website software that is integrated with several powerful modules that help admins to manage bookings, properties, marketing and allied functions of hotel management under a single window.

Noteworthy features of Lodgify theme include plugin, multiple payment integrations, heightened security, automated booking confirmations, HomeAway & Flipkey integrations, analytic reports, etc.

Lodgify-Top 10 Vacation Rental Website Templates

3. Apphitect

Apphitect’s accommodation rental script offers a comprehensive way to build, manage and market a vacation rental website. The vacation rental website builder offers several eye catching features like a video slider home page, featured listings, advanced search, social logins, single step checkout, global payment integrations. The website also comes with SEO friendly URLs which will ease the effort to publicize the website in the Internet.

Apphitect-Top 10 Vacation Rental Website Templates

4. HomeAway

HomeAway theme boasts of a client portfolio extending more than 1,000 companies. The vacation rental has already won recognition across the world for its user-friendliness, latest tech features, comprehensive support, housekeeping, maintenance, invoicing, reservation integrations, lead management, etc.

Admins can cherish from the business-friendly features like intuitive dashboard, rate management, integrated accounting and payment management, marketing, etc.

Homeaway-Top 10 Vacation Rental Website Templates

5. Kigo

Kigo is a vacation rental website theme that can integrate several critical functions into a single console. The centrally organized functions include reservation system, multiple channel manager, automated email templates, scheduled cleaning and maintenance and several other functions that were earlier carried out their manual actions.

Kigo-Top 10 Vacation Rental Website Templates

6. Ciirus

Ciirus makes a difference with its CRM integration. Accounting and channel management are other major integrations that vacation rental website template amidst the top ranking vacation templates. Ciirus is available in enterprise, rental and agent editions each with its own varying levels of utilities.
Ciirus-Top 10 Vacation Rental Website Templates

7. BookingSync

BookingSync is a centralized vacation rental software that asks less but does more for rental website owners. It provides a single interface where all bookings can be unified, contracts can be managed, calendar sync for bookings and online payment integrations. Channel manager ensures that rental website owners will be able to maximize bookings from multiple portals.

Bookingsync-Top 10 Vacation Rental Website Templates

8. PhpJabbers

PhpJabbers provides a milieu of templates to build all kinds of eCommerce sites. Its vacation rental web design template is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to build a neat, clutter-free interface for taking and managing bookings. Quote generators, CMS scripts and eCommerce scripts are some of the notable offerings from PhpJabbers.
Phpjabbers-Top 10 Vacation Rental Website Templates

9. Streamlinevrs

Built by professional property managers themselves, this is perhaps one of the best professional web based vacation rental software that brings out the true potential of Internet to vacation booking. Software highlights include accounting suite, coupon & discounting team, enterprise mail management, integrated reservation system, additional SEO and marketing tools.

Phpjabbers-Top 10 Vacation Rental Website Templates

10. Liverez

Liverez is a much acclaimed and reputed online vacation rental management software. The vacation rental website reviews of Liverez portray it as an excellent choice for modern day travelers demand of a vacation rental suite. It offers endless features for website integration, QuickBooks integration, CRM, partner management. Cloud-readiness gives the script an upper hand for property owners who want to manage their website from multiple devices.

These are the top holiday rental you can invest in right now. They are topped with property management, channel management and occupancy management features that are lacking in traditional hotel management software.

Do you think there any more vacation rental reservation software that need to be listed here? Let us know.