Online Shoppers are impatience like that the Study says in 2008. They are expecting that the Webpage load should take less than 3 seconds or else it will make the Site to lose that Customer and Profit too. So that if we put 100% work in Magento Web Designing a Great Online then 200% work needs to put to improvise it’s Speed. Speed is the main criteria in all aspects. So here we are going to discuss about the 5 Tricks or Tips to Improvise the Speed of your Online Shop.

  1. The First main thing you need to observe is that your using an Latest Version of Magento, because the Latest version will include Performance Improvisation which directly reflects on the Speed of your Website
  2. Enable Output Compression which means that it will compresses the text, CSS, JavaScript before it send to the browser. This will makes smaller Download of the File finally.
  3. Compress Images using Adobe Photoshop reduce the Size of the Image.
  4. Use Expires Headers- Each Browser use expires headers to determine the how long the Page Things can be cached. Every page included Images too should have an Expires Headers.
  5. Turn off ETags – ETags are the way for the browser to validate cached components across various visits. If the Cluster hasn’t been installed properly then it will slow down the site speed. So it’s better disable ETags
  6. Install a JavaScript/ CSS “Minifier” which made by leading provider of Magento Extensions. The purpose of JS/CSS will combine, compress and cache JavaScript and CSS Files.
  7. Replace the Apache Web Server with LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server. LiteSpeed offers a 50% of performance increase for PHP Application and is up to 6 times faster than Apache Server.
  8. Enable Flat Catalog- Magento uses the EAV model to store Customer Data and Products. This will make the Objects to be increased which results in more SQL queries and more. When we are using Flat Catalog leads to make Categories and Products in a Single Product Table which will be results in improvising the Performance.
  9. Enable catching to reduce number of database Operations required for each Page Request and we should best magento hosting also
  10. Try to keep the level of Third Party or Community Extension to minimum. Many extensions introduce extra Processing and Database Queries which lead to lagging of overall performance of the Website. Use Magento Compiler.



These are some of the Steps to improvise the Speed of your Website. Try these in your Website and increase Customer which implies on your Profit.

Magento Web Hosting – a Fruitful Choice for SEO

As we all will know about SEO – which is abbreviated as Search Engine Optimization. SEO is process of improving the Website for increasing the visibility of Website. SEO is the only way to increase the Traffic and get improvise the Website. Search Engine Optimization is sub-divided into On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization. On-Page refers to Website Elements which comprise a Web page such as HTML, code and Images. Off-Page means creating Backlinks for the Website. The major categories of SEO are White Hat and Black Hat SEO. White Hat is a good and Organic SEO and Black Hat is not a good type of SEO.

According to the latest statistics there are around 2.73 million internet Users in the World. More information from this is that around 90% of them are using Search Engine to search their Products, Services and Information. This is the main reason why SEO is so popular among the Online Stores. Another Benefit of SEO is that comes with Organic Rankings for each Website. So how much you are working for your Web Page will be shown as the “Web Ranking”. Based on it we can easily identify the Best Websites for our Search. An SEO company should be affordable for all users.

Magento is only Five years old but is most popular Open Source E-Commerce Platform on the Internet.  Magento is most common Search Engine Friendly E-Commerce Platform. More People are gets attracted towards Magento for more reasons like Full- Featured Solution, Great Effects on Sales and Easy way of Installation. According to Latest report, SEO plays an important role in improving the Traffic of a Magento Store. Here are some of the Basic Steps that need to done to improvise the Sales of Magento Store through Search Engine Research on these Terms.

Planning a Keyword Strategy:

All SEO optimization Company starts with Effective Planning on Keyword Research. This is to be true when it comes for an E-Commerce Platform. While you are planning for an E-Commerce Platform, You have to maintain a Balance between these three Factors.

Relevance – It means that the Page is optimized for Specific Keyword that should have content on relevant Content on it.

Purpose – It says that the Content of the Page should always direct Users towards the purpose of the Website.

Structure – The Page Authority from an SEO perspective is inversely proportional to its Depth in the Website Structure. Therefore the Homepage is the main Factor than the Product or CMS Page. Hence there should be more optimized for more brand and Competitive Keyword.

To have an effective Keyword Strategy everyone should consider the following three Factors.

Setting an XML Sitemap:

Creating a well established XML Sitemap is a long Established practice to make it easier for Search Engine to index the pages of the Websites. For most E-Commerce Website the first priority is to be given to the Category Page, as they serve as Main Loading Page and next is the Product Page and Finally the Static Pages where the Static content for Website is Stored.

Robot.txt Settings:

Robot.xmt files are the main way of communicating for Search Engine Crawlers. With robot.txt the Search engine says which pages to be and those pages which not to be indexed like Sitemap.

This Article covers some of the important concept involved in Magento SEO. Thanks for spending your most Powerful Time for reading this Article.