No doubt iPage is one of the most trusted but cheapest web hosting services in the hosting business. Being an important part of the Endurance International Group (EIG), it has got a highly skilled management team that also owns some other popular web hosting companies.

Start up plans pretty cheap and no one can competitive with them, You can check their plans here

IPage has made its entry in the scenario but was not successfully popular till 2009 when it was re-launched. The best reasons why iPage is so popular is because it is a budget hosting service. Not only is it a cheap web hosting service but, also a responsible web host which has over 2 million domain names registered presently. It provides you all the similar features which other players are providing today.

What I Suffered from Ipage? Its very simple, Renewal Cost is 155$, When you register please signup for 3 years else get ready to loose big money

Ipage Features

1. Disk Space and Bandwidth
iPage do not limit you in terms of disk space and bandwidth in its various hosting plans. Although iPage offers to provide unlimited bandwidth and disk space, along with this they keep a close eye to your usage to ensure that you are getting what they had committed.

2. Uptime
Just like any other good web hosting company iPage also offer you a reliable uptime. No matter how informative and interesting your content is or how well-designed your website is; if the readers can’t access your website on regular basis then it’s of no use.

3. Easy 1-Click Setup
Installation of apps is to manage your website with more convenience with the help of single click setup. With the most common hosting plans from iPage, you get your access to the one and only control panel, which is fully equipped with simple, quick and through installation wizards. Not only you got tools to help your online store but also you could put the catalogs, and shopping carts enabled on your shopping website.

4. Cheap Plans
The entry-level plan of iPage makes it easy to use for even the non-technical people also to get a fully functional website online. You can be an owner of a wonderful website today for just $1.99 per month and by this you will get a complete web hosting solution of your requirements which is perfectly fit for your business website.
The packages of iPage ranges from $3 to $50 a month. This pricing of the hosting plan makes it easier for you to set-up your attractive website in a very affordable price.

5. Renewal Prices
iPage has 12-month, 24-month, and 36-month terms to renew your websites with them. It’s quite interesting and important that the hosting price goes down every year you stay with iPage.

Ipage Pros

1. IPage offers you with the uptime of 99.91% which is impressive enough to consider the price range. A big pros of iPage with which it allows you to create multiple databases to make it possible for you to adopt various programming languages. This makes iPage really unique for administrators’ or users to works on different websites simultaneously.

2. IPage deals with SiteLock security suite to avoid an unsolicited breach of security. They also offer continuous and regular scanning of Trojans, malwares and malicious files on your particular website. iPage also has the facility to take back up of your data and files in your websites on daily basis to make you ensure that your website quickly restored to its original status if needed.

3. The cherry on the cake is iPage have a very reliable customer support team which is always ready to support you on your individual issues and take you out of those problems. You can have access the technical and support teams of iPage through live chat sessions, phone calls, and emails if you need them.

Ipage Cons

1. iPage has comparatively high renewal price which is $12.95/month for an year hosting and $11.95/month for 2 year term.

2. Sometimes the setup of dedicated servers finishes in about 12-48 hours. While some of the iPage servers have issues of soft boot on the first registration.

3. Like other players, they only features 12 months’, 24 months’ and 36 months’ plans paid up front.