Are You going to start blog to earn money, then you are in right place. My aim to make your blog as successful one.

Blogging is one of the fun activities for people who have the knowledge to share, stories to tell and people to reach. However, while having a great time, you can start earning a good deal of money by using your blog if you channelize your energy in the right direction.

There are quite a few blogging platforms nowadays with e-blogger, WordPress, Joomla and Wix entering the fray.Of course, these blogging sites vary according to the choice of interfaces, the level of professionalism, nature of the blogs, etc. For example, e-blogger is mostly targeted to amateur bloggers while WordPress is widely used by semi-professional and professional bloggers. However, the distinction is not always clear-cut. So, if you want to become a blogger,

There are some basic steps you need to follow to give your blog an impetus to cash in on the content

1. A Quirky Name And A Clear Focus
2. Checking Availability And Buying Domain
3. Preparing For The Launch
4. How to promote our blog or website

A Quirky Name And A Clear Focus

The most important factor about any blog is to be centered on a broader theme or topic of your choice. It can be about anything under the sun, but of course, of public interest and people should have some basic knowledge about it. Hence, if multiple interests cross your mind, then choose one on the basis of your liking as well as the ability of that topic to reach out to people. Secondly, pick a name that can go viral, or has a catchy tone. Bring out your creative best.

Checking Availability And Buying Domain

Ready to buy a domain and hosting, then try a hosting with free domain and 500$ worth hosting. Start by Bluehost (81% Off) or There are plenty of hosting sites, and you need to choose one by recommendation. Look around for the best hosting sites on the internet, and you can pick one depending on the cost of hosting, facilities provided and the robustness of the design. Before you launch your site, you also have to check if your name has been taken up by others or not. In fact, this can be tiresome if you have chosen an extremely popular topic and millions have written about it before.

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Preparing For The Launch

Before you start your blog, you need to make sure it does not look amateurish by any means even if you are an amateur. Once you begin the blog, you will be getting traffic from your social media peers, and you need to keep them hooked. Only by providing comprehensive content right from the start can you make sure that they become your regular readers. Once you have the basics figured out add a brief introduction to your website, make sure that the cover picture is relevant and choose a straightforward interface that uses the vibrant colors judiciously. Also, you need to ensure that the fonts are of the perfect size.

Using Images As Attractions

Once you have tackled the issue of readability, you need to make sure your blog catches an eye or two. Images are the best for this purpose as they carry visual information very easily unlike video where you need to play it. If possible, learn to edit photos in the usual photo-editing software like Photoshop. Often, some editing software comes with presets and pre-defined templates. You can use them too to enhance your blog quality.