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Every website requires a hosting account to store the website files and data. There are thousands of services online, who are providing unique hosting plans for their new and old customers, but there are few companies which are small in size, but they do big in sales.

One of those companies is YouStable, which is a fastest growing company that offers hosting plans. They provide you affordable hosting services, and they have been around for a long time, but should you try their services?

YouStable Review

Not many people know about the services of the YouStable, which is a problem because it may turn out to be your best investment or the worst investment. Every person has a different set of requirement, so we need to know more about the company to make a clever decision.

But, we are going to help you make a final decision. We will break down the review into Features first, Pricing then PROS & CONS, which will help you make the final decision.

So, let’s begin with the features.


Unlike other companies who offer hundreds of useless features, YouStable adds greater value because all of their hosting packages come with SSD Disk, which helps the website load faster. So, this is a good start from the YouStable, and you get SSD disk hosting from entry-level plan to highest level package.

Uptime – The server uptime is 99%, which is a good thing even for an entry-level hosting package.

Support – The Company has dedicated customer support, which serves the customers 24/7. They also provide email support and chat support as well, so you are covered.

SSD Disk Space – There are only three packages and all of them come with SSD Disk. Coming to space, you get 1GB of space in the entry level package. 10GB & 50GB of space in the rest of the packages. We let you decide whether it is ideal for you or not.

Bandwidth – You can expect unlimited Bandwidth in higher packages, but you get 10GB of Bandwidth in the entry-level package, which is reasonable. If you don’t know what Bandwidth is, then you better Google it for more.

Special Offer – You will never find such an interesting offer from any hosting company.

Entry or Local- Those who purchase the entry level hosting will get on-page SEO.

Business- You can expect Basic SEO and Google My Business listing from the YouStable team.

Professional- Those who purchase the highest package will get free service of Advance SEO and Business listing, which is an amazing deal.
The company YouStable did not add unnecessary features, and they have offered value-added services in the list, which comes at an high price.


They have so many plans, it is difficult to tell, which is the better option for you. But, we would like to compare their Linux and Windows hosting with many other similar companies.

YouStable – cPanel hosting Rs.699/Month, highest package.
HostingRaja Linux hosting Rs.525/Month, highest package.
Googiehost – Linux hosting Rs.321/Month, highest package.
Godaddy – Linux hosting Rs.549/Month, highest package.
HostGator – Linux hosting Rs.685/Month, highest package.

YouStable is offering an expensive package that even competes with the major players in the market. They do add the greater value of quality, and it also comes with a package of Advanced SEO + Business listing.

The highest package is valuable for business when you want to make their site visible in the search engines or else, choosing another hosting company is better a choice.

The Hyderabad based hosting company comes with reliable services, but only for smaller sites.


We suggest that they are not ready for the major sites, so if you have a basic requirement, then you can go for it or else, there are many other companies, which provide you better solutions. Let us know your suggestions in the comment section.