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SugarSync Web Hosting Company Reviews India



Sugar Sync Web Hosting Reviews, India



SugarSync Hosting Company Reviews India


Key Features

  • Powerful and Simple
  • Secure File Sharing
  • Free Storage
  • Mobile Productivity
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Trail use of 30 Days
Why SUGARSYNC.COM Suits for You?

SugarSync is a Leading Personal Cloud Service Provider. It provides the Users the ability to access their Personal Data at any time, any Place and any Device. It’s most significant Feature is “Universal Sync Platform”- the first Real “Push” Synchronizing System. Awards For SugarSync

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Why SugarSync.COM is Best?

SugarSync began its Company just to Synchronizing image Files between Mobile and Desktop Devices. Their journey started from 2008 as Sharpcast’s and after few months ago SugarSync was born. SugarSync is considered to fill the Middle gap between Online Storage and Online Backup. By simple downloading of the Software in your Computer and Mobile Devices, you can access gain of everything in Cloud. The thrust of the Company is to “Sync Your Life”. As Like more Online Storage SugarSync offers limited amount of Storage Space – from 100MB to 500MB. You may also get more storage space by paying extra amount for the extra space. Some of the Attributes of SugarSync is File Backup with Recovery, Real time upload of Changes, versioning with Ability to Restore, Sync with Multiple Computers and ability to share and Collaborate.

File Versioning is the process whereby previous Versions of your Documents are retained by Backup Provider. It stores the deleted Files for 30 days after you have removed them. Backup Files is a Manual Process, as we have limited Storage space it is good to have maximum Control over it. SugarSync is available with Windows and Mac Operating Systems, as well Android and iOS. The Mobile Application gives you full access to your Files, the Option to Backup and ability to share your Files with Friends or Family.