Rackspace Web Hosting Company Reviews

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Rackspace Web Hosting Company Reviews India



Rackspace Web Hosting Company Review India



Rackspace Hosting Company Reviews India


Key Features

  • Excellent customer support
  • Good value for price
  • Managed Hosting
  • Managed Private Clouds
  • Single Servers
  • Managed Services
  • Power redundancy
  • Offers maximum security for your sites
  • Managed backup for sites
Why Rackspace Web Hosting Suits for You?

Rackspace has been rated as “Best Cloud Computing Service” in the World. There will be Automatic and Customized Backup of Data. They provide 100% Uptime, 24 X 7 Customer Support and Technical Support. Rackspace is also authorized reseller of Amazon Web Services.

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Why Rackspace is best?

Rackspace is a known leading provider of dedicated web hosting services throughout the world. Rackspace has a wide customer base serving many thousands of small business as well as large corporations due to their better support, better systems and more perks. Web hosting services are those services which provide access to individuals and organizations to make their websites accessible throughout the world. Thus, in such a tough competition of hosting servers and providers, Rackspace is one of the leading names and is a favourite among its customers.
Nowadays with plentiful options in web hosting servers, you should Rackspace because they can handle huge amounts of traffic and can give you infinite and immediate upgrade possibilities. The website is also media0rich and takes less time to load, rather than the other sites. Rackspace also has really cool tools which help to make your experience easy, friendly and hassle-free, like the Rackspace email management console is easy to use; it takes few seconds to set up new email, change passwords, likes and many more.