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Dropbox Web Services Web Hosting Company Reviews India



Dropbox Web Services Web Hosting Reviews



Dropbox Web Services Hosting Company Reviews


Key Features

  • Selective Synchronization
  • Automatic Organization & Backup
  • Any Device Accessibility
  • Automatic Updates
  • Manually Set Bandwidths
  • Large File Sharing
Why DropBox Suits for You?

DropBox is Free off-site File Sharing and Storage. It’s simple and fast. It is best way to keep your Files Online. It provides Unlimited Storage Space, Security and affordable Price. The Files stored in DropBox can be easily accessed and shared with any users.

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Why DropBox is Best?

In 2007, MIT Students Arash Ferdowsi and Drew Houston started Dropbox in response to share their Files. Dropbox is Online Storage, not Computer Backup. With Dropbox all your Files are Safe and accessible through Online by Online Dropbox Account. Dropbox is the one of the only Services to offer for Clients in Linux and Blackberry along with Windows, MAC OS, Android and iOS Standards. Any Files can be handled by the Mobile Phone if the person is away from the Computer. Dropbox makes Cloud Storage easy for everyone. Attributes of Dropbox are Easy to Use, Free and Relatively Fast for the Basic Plans too; Pricing Levels fits the Individual and Small Organization and Video and Photo Presentation and Sharing. Dropbox provides API is a small piece of JavaScript code will make to integrate with Web App allows your App to do Online and Offline Sharing and allows you to build your own Dropbox Features like Sharing, Editing, Reading and Searching. The options available in Home Screen and Navigation are Home Screen Lists all Files and Folders, Easy Sidebar Navigation to jump Directly to Photos, Can Share, Edit or Rename a Document in File View, Only Photo and Video will Open in Preview all other Folders will be automatically downloaded and Clean, Simple and Easy to understand Layout and Navigation.