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Bluegeek Hosting Review

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Blue Geek Web Hosting Reviews, India



Bluegeek Hosting Reviews, India


Blue Geek Hosting is one of the best Web Hosting Company in India. At iHostingReviews, we have done numerous reviews of companies and provide genuine reviews by numerous of users as well. In this article, we are going to review Blue Geek hosting based on numerous parameters. We’ll make sure to inculcate every significant aspect in this article which helps you in searching and selecting the Best Hosting for your website. Blue Geek hosting offers a 30 Day money back guarantee too.

Blue Geek Hosting Plans

Being one of the most sought after hosting companies in India, it has made plans which suites the need of different websites. It has made three categories of plans, which are Blue Geek Hosting Standard, Blue Geek Hosting Advanced and Blue Geek hosting Ultimate, which serve different sorts of websites based on their requirements and specifications. Below we have provided a detailed explanation about the plans and their specifications.

Blue Geek Hosting Plans for small websites/ Blue Geek Hosting Standard

The most affordable and cheap Web Hosting plan which starts with a mere fee/ amount of Rs.20/Month. Let us mention the feature and specifications of the plan. The plan offers a storage of 1 GB SSD, 20 GB Bandwidth, 1 Hosted Domain, 1 FTP Account, 5 Email Address, 2 MYSQL Databases, 5 Sub Domain along with C Panel and Custom php.ini.
Blue Geek Plans for small websites
The features increases with a little bit increase in price, where two plan with pricing Rs.30/Month and Rs.40/Month are available. The features such as Storage provided increases to 2 GB in the second plan whereas it is 3 GB in third plan. However the Bandwidth is 30 GB in both of the plans. Other features could be easily accessed in the official website of the service provider.

Blue Geek Hosting Plans for Medium and Large Websites/ Blue Geek Hosting Advanced and Ultimate

Blue Geek hosting has taken into consideration the needs of Medium and Large websites and has drafted its plans accordingly. Here, we are going to mention about Blue Geek hosting Advanced which has 3 plans to offer.
Blue Geek Plans for Medium and Large Websites

Advance 1, 2 and 3

In this plan, the storage is around 5 GB, with a bandwidth of 50 GB. Other features include 1 Hosted Domain, 25 FTP Account, 50 Email Address support, 50 Sub domain, among other things. This plan bears a price tag of Rs.60/Month. The other two plans bear a price tag of Rs.100 and Rs.150 with increases features such as 10 GB SSD and 15 GB SSD along with increases bandwidth, FPT Account support, Email Address support, MYSQL Databases among other things.

Ultimate 1 and 2

The plan tailored for websites with considerably large requirements is Blue Geek hosting Ultimate. The plan offers two sub plans which come with a price tag of Rs.300/Month and Rs.500/Month.

Ultimate 1 offers 25 GB SSD with 250 GB Bandwidth and unlimited Hosted domain, Unlimited FTP Account, Unlimited Email Address, Unlimited MYSQL Databases, Unlimited Sub Domain.

Ultimate 2 offers 45 GB SSD with a bandwidth of 500 GB and other elements unlimited just as Ultimate 1.

Server Uptime of Blue Geek Hosting

Server Uptime plays a crucial role in the success of a website. It provides an all time presence to the website and a server uptime below 99 percent is unacceptable. Blue Geek hosting offers a server uptime of 99.99% which makes it unbeatable at this price range.

Support and Customer Executives

Blue Geek hosting offers premium customer executive support through chat, email and social media platform which could be accessed anytime. Its official website states “Please give us at least 18 hours before re-sending your email .If you have any question, please be as detailed as you can, so we can reply to you with the most useful answer to your question”.


The Web Hosting provider makes plans which suites every website no matter how Small or Large its status may be. The reviews found of the existing users on the internet are mostly supportive.