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A2 Hosting Hosting Reviews, India


A2hosting Review-
It is founded by Bryan Muthig in 2001. as many people have anticipated this web hosting company to get the recognition of their website, this company was named as A2 hosting. It has been there in the market for more than a decade no and it promises high speed load time , up time and overall performances.

They want to manage a web hosting company so that even their staff is willing to enjoy those services. Their main goal is to provide super fast load time to the website and anyhow they are able to fulfill this aspect. This company has earned its reputation by providing lightning fast speed to the website and gained the trust of many customers. Having a combination of both traditional and new technologies, A2 hosting has maintained an equilibrium to provide the best web hosting services.

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A2 hosting uses solid state drives. SSD provides super fast speed to the website as all the read and write operations are done in the chips . SSD are very useful in providing fast speed to the website by keeping the up time responsive. A2 hosting concentrates on cloud hosting solutions I.e focuses on the security and proper control over the data. These two aspects are very important in order to manage a proper website. It works in providing these two aspects and customers do not have to worry about the security or their control on any specific data. A2 hosting ensures the prevention against the unresponsive pages.

This company assures the prevention of data as well. Many people are afraid of loosing the data after the crash of the site. The back up is done by A2 hosting. The data is being stored in multiple hard disks. In case, something happens to the site, you can restore all the data from those multiple disks RAID (redundant array of storage disks) – sort of storage configuration used by A2H . it uses all the new tools and you can have a view over the tools being used and latest versions in the market.


A2H ensures 99.9% up time. If you feel any sort of interrupt because of browser , caching or any other reason , A2H assures to solve all the problems within a given time frame. It has swift server which allows to surf the website 20 times faster. Swift cache involves the use of disk drives to store the information to protect from data loss.
Talking about the customer care support, you do not need to worry, you are talking to experts. You can call them even 3 in the morning and they ll still answer to all of your questions. You do not have to explain your queries multiple time. They ll understand you in one shot. You also receive free website magazine. You can have your site listen in Google in time frame of 24 hours. It sounds a great deal.

A2H offers plenty of plans for and inclusions. You can even manage everything by creating an account in word press which is supported by A2H. paying a little more than other sites is worth as the quality of services delivered and technical support is simply amazing. The cons are less as compared to pros. Also some unique features such as back up , new mode of technology, having many options for web servers has created a wonderful reputation of A2 hosting company in the world of today.

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