The digital revolution has embarked a lot of different trends. One of them is having an online presence. Everyone wants to have a website for their business or services. With a plethora of options available, it can get difficult to choose the right web hosting.

When building a website, hosting normally plays a major role. The varied options that are available for hosting range from shared hosting, VPS hosting, Paid hosting and unpaid hosting, to name a few.

Managed web hosting is the best available option for individuals who are not very tech savvy or who do not have a budget to hire a developer in the beginning. Managed hosting helps you manage day to day applications, administration, security updates and other server related tasks. This type of hosting is required for websites whose aim is to grow their popularity. Managed web hosting was primarily designed to facilitate clients of dedicated server hosting and then it has been extended to other types of standard web hosting.

Advantages of Managed and WordPress hosting

1. Lack of IT expertise

The server space requires great administration with proficiency in Information Technology. This is particularly required for resource intensive websites that have large number of hits or seasonal spikes. Managed web hosting makes sure that all administrative and operational aspects are properly implemented.

2. Assured Security

The security of database and server is the prime need of any website. It is required for assured business continuity and adherence to regulatory protocols. The managed web hosting strives to deliver uncompromised security of servers as well as databases. It facilitates this by running periodic security audits and configuration of firewall. The hosting providers generally have required expertise as well as experience of dealing issues related to server security. They do this by assuring spam filtering and virus scanning. Continuous monitoring and scanning of operating systems keep cyber-attacks at bay.

3. Data backups

Having regular data backups is very important because losing valuable data can affect your business negatively. Hence, it is very crucial and necessary to have data secured and backed up. The managed hosting offers you help that ensures that your data is backed up correctly and is in a state, from where you can retrieve it easily, if needed.

4. Reduce your operating costs

The unmanaged hosting services do have a lot of hidden costs. You will have to hire system admins, database administrators, as well as other professionals to regulate your servers. Hence, it is practical to opt for a managed hosting plan which helps in reducing your overall costs.

5. Storage Management

Data storage is something that any website owner needs. Data storage needs generally, keep on changing according to the needs of the organization. The change in data storage normally depends on the available data space. In this way, users can be relived from frequent hassles of making provisions for additional storage space. The cost of additional storage is also high and with Managed web hosting it can be taken care of by managed storage services.

6. Cost effective and tailor-made solutions

Small and medium sized, both enterprises are benefited through Managed web hosting services. SME’s generally lack the manpower and fundamental infrastructure to perform server and database management. Instead, managed hosting providers carry the responsibility of managing web hosting and help such organization save huge amount of money. The established providers are also capable of customizing the management of hosting services by designing a tailored solution, according to the client’s needs and demands. Businesses are therefore in an advantage as they can curate a perfectly tailored solution by informing their unique needs to the hosting providers.

7. Enhanced business focus

Business and its core competencies are of extreme significance for every entrepreneur. Managed hosting helps website owners to focus on their business without getting distracted due to the tasks related to server management.
It in turn, it also saves time and energy required for routine server administration.

8. Automatic software installs and upgrades

With managed web hosting automatic software updates, install and upgrades will help you save time. You do not need to continuously manage them and the website is in perfect order always with a good running speed and status.

9. Automatic Scaling

Your website may find it difficult to cope up with a lot of traffic, especially if it is a popular or a trending website. Managed web hosting can save you from this potential issue, because accounts come with server monitoring. This monitoring, regularly scans for irregularities or potential failures and in turn will give your site more bandwidth to keep it running, if the traffic starts flooding in.

10. Built in CDN and Caching

A lot of things go on behind the scenes to increase the loading speed of a website. The content delivery networks and caching definitely enhances the user experience but aren’t always on the priority. But a good managed hosting company will pay attention to such little details with great perfection.
A CDN is basically a combination of hardware or software that helps deliver content to users more efficiently but doesn’t rely on web caching. In short, if you opt for a managed web hosting, you do not need to think about CDN and Caching.

Managed web hosting generally comes with plenty of features. Some of them are:

Control Panel set up
Server maintenance and on call maintenance
Free app installs
Free email accounts
Unmetered traffic
Free SSL certificate
Free website transfer and free website builder, among a few others.

Advantages of magento Hosting

magento web hosting also is the best available option. It has some great cons like Performance tuning With the growth of your website the amount of static data and image increases. In magento hosting, the provider can help you shift these images to CDN and takes care of the caching process.

magento hosting also comes with a number of added advantages of store security and database optimization. Managed web hosting is surely the most user friendly and easy way to manage and govern your site. But, it does have a share of it cons.

Disadvantages of Managed Hosting

The main one being that the hosting companies offer system administrator directed web hosting accounts. This requires their staff to do all the software installation on the server or VPS. They are managing all this administration related work on your behalf. This exactly means that you may pay a premium for your installation of some software packages, their system administrators might not be familiar with. Or in some cases, when you purchase a software package the company form, where you buy it will include an installation charge. In some cases, if your hosting provider doesn’t allow other people to install, then you may have to pay a sum to your hosting provider as well. This requires a lot of unnecessary spending.

The other con is that you are just limited to the expertise of your web host’s system administrators. In case, if they are not familiar with a particular operating system, they would not support it. So, you need to check and survey properly around the net, to buy services from a particular web managing Host Company that supports the operating system that you want to use on your server or VPS hosting account. This probably means that you would not get the best price on the dedicated server or VPS account.

WordPress sites are the best available options in the market for managed web hosting. It definitely includes all the pros listed above, but also has a few share of cons. It has a hosting requirement which is pretty standard and basic and so as a result, many web hosting companies are able to host your website.

Disadvantages of WordPress hosting

1. Higher price

A regular shared hosting WordPress plan costs less as compared to managed web hosting WordPress plan. You will not get the same level of support for WordPress, but other companies do offer basic level of support and guidance tutorials to their clients.

2. Not very flexible

Even if your plan is flexible enough to host multiple websites, you are limited to build your website with WordPress only. Hence, in the case of a virtual private server, you can give your website the same level of security, administration and performance. This can be done almost at a similar cost, but without the dedicated support of a software. You could built multiple websites using other soft wares, excluding WordPress.

3. Updates do not always go smoothly

Well, it is always recommended that your WordPress site uses the best and latest versions, there is a minor chance that the update may not run smoothly. If you are manually running an update, you will be able to check if there is any issue or a problem that exists at that time. Automated updates would not even give you a chance to realize if something is broken. Hence, you still need to be vigilant about checking your website. On the positive side, services that offer automated daily updates also have an efficient feature. In which, if something does go wrong, retrieving to a stable version of your website, is just a click away.


Therefore, managed web hosting do have a lot of advantages as compared to its disadvantages. It does efficiently entrust the task of looking after your server through a third party server provider. It does give you the time and space to concentrate on your business without worrying about the back end and the technical IT and server related issues.