Choosing a domain for your website is the most important task before marking your presence on internet. The right domain can be proved to be a fortune for your website. So here are some tips before buying a domain for your website.
Choosing a proper name: Consumers are generally used of existing domain name or with familiar ones. Choose your site’s domain name wisely. You can check your competitors’ domain name using sites like

Go to to check when a domain name was last sold and for what price. Choose domain names which are easy to type and remember, try to avoid numbers, hyphens or odd spellings. The name should be like which can be easily spoken and can be suggested.

Opt from best registrars:

You will come across a number of service providers on the internet but not all of them are ICANN approved registrar. Choosing a non ICANN approved registrar may give difficulty when you want to move your domain when want to change the hosting providers and want to grow further.

Try to buy .com domain: Most of the consumers presume and search for .com sites. Registering your site with extension like .net, .info, .org, etc. might not get enough market attention that you desire. But you can get some extra audience on other extensions also by doing enough marketing.

Avoid trademarked domains:

If you don’t want face any legal problem then try to avoid trademarked names. If your domain name creates any confusion, even if you don’t intend to, with other website’s name you might get into some legal proceedings. It will not only get you into unnecessary hardship but also defame your website.

Check Social media sites:

Consumers might get a notion if your domain’s name is similar to that of already available on any social media sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and Tumblr even if you are not using any of them. Checking the name on these social media sites gives the option of using them in future for your website promotion and customer care.

Chances of hijacking:

ICANN has permitted both singular and plural forms of domain to coexist which might confuse your customers. For example, .car and .cars may exist simultaneously and consumers or might end up on .cars instead of .car. Avoid this type conflict using .com domain.

Is your domain Blacklisted?:

Make sure to check whether the domain is blacklisted by Google or any other search engine and if it is you might not get to distribute ads using Google AdSence neither it will be indexed by any search engine. You can check whether your domain is blacklisted or not on

Privacy and protection of data is most important:

Domain details are generally public records on WHOIS directory but some websites choose to keep information private. Try sites which offer free WHOIS privacy instead of who charge for it and give their details on WHOIS registry instead of yours. And beyond this some registrar may sell your data to some third party organization which might in future misuse it. Try to find the registrar which promise to keep your data safe and never to misuse it.

Have Auto-Renew option for your Domain:

Domain name should be cheap to register and have annual renew option. The best option is register your domain for multiple years but many people opt to register it annually. And sometime they forget to renew it and they no other option to buy it on higher prices when they are resold by the companies. To avoid this problem make sure to have an auto renewal option.