In this Article we are going to compare the Features of Bigrock and hosting Raja Hosting Services and finally decide who the Winner of this Comparison is. Now we know about Bigrock and Hosting Raja. Bigrock is a Leading Web Hosting Company in India. It had been come into this Field from 2010. It provides Services for Shared Hosting and VPS Web Hosting. They started their carrier as Small Domain Register and now they are one of the Best and Biggest Register in India. It also includes an option for Web Host Reseller.

Hosting Raja is one and only leading Domain provider Company located in India. They provide Hosting support in Regional Languages of India. It provides Services such as VPS Hosting, Domain Registration, Shared/Reseller hosting and Free Domain name Registration. They not only provide Hosting to your Site but through that they need to become Expertise in Hosting through achieve their Goal. This is purely an Indian Company. Now we are going to Compare Bigrock and Hosting Raja.

Performance and Reliability

S.No Attributes Bigrock Hosting Raja
1 Total Hosted Sites 29395 8205
2 Uptime 98.67% 100%
3 Global Rank 11552 32170

From the Comparison table itself we can know that Hosting Raja provides 100% uptime while Bigrock provides a little bit 98.67%. Uptime and Speed is the main criteria in Web Hosting. From the Table we can see that Hosting Raja provides Best Uptime while Bigrock provides little Less Uptime. So it’s good to join Hosting Raja.

Domain In/Out Comparison:
The Result of the analysis that 1 existing domains are deleted from Bigrock and 23 domains are transfer – out and with Hosting Raja 1 existing domains are deleted and 13 domains are transfer-out. Comparing from this Hosting Raja provides Good Hosting Services and tries to keep their Consumer in their Hosting with more Satisfaction.


While comparing both the Hosting Service, Bigrock has 68.42% Positive Response and Hosting Raja has 78.95% Positive Sentiments. From this Result Hosting Raja have a Good Reputation and Positive Response from the Consumer. Big rock reviews is the best way to review that

Services and Support:
Bigrock and Hosting Raja provide 24X7X365 days Service for their Reputed Customer. Customer Support will through Call/E-Mail Chat.


S.No Bigrock Hosting Raja
1 Unlimited Domains, Disk space and E-Mails Free Website Builder Tool
2 98.67% Uptime 99.9% Uptime
3 Equipped cPanel Free cPanel
4 Google AdWords Credit Free Add-on Domain
5 30 Days Money Back Guarantee 30 Days Money back Guarantee
6 International Web Hosting Indian Web Hosting


S.No Bigrock Hosting Raja
1 Top Pick Web Company Best Web Hosting Provider
2 Best Indian Web Hosting Company Best Reseller Hosting

As we have discussed above the various Technical Terms for Comparing Bigrock and Hosting Raja. Based on their Performance, Customer Support, Reputation and Features- “Hosting Raja and Big rock provides Outstanding Service to their Customers”.

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