Today, we are doing Ipage hosting Review; a read on the ruler of the hosting world. iPage has been in the web hosting business for 10 years now and serves over a million clients, unquestionably demonstrating this is no temporary operation. iPage has become a landmark in this sector. A very popular service with a promising backup has and still holds the ground for them. iPage maintains to concentrate on three things mostly; The site you wish you host, your email accounts, and the main responsibility promising your security. They make a magnificent effort with regards to on each of the three resulting on the best output that satisfies the clients.

ipage hosting reviews

They have a good backup for your websites. The sites run on perfectly engineered servers which are based on 2 data centers located in Boston, USA. They run on win energy which is also good for the environment. The data they have are backed –up properly. If a disk fails somehow, they have a copy of the old data kept in another disk for your convenience. All your important data will be secure if anything unfortunate happens. So, having all these facilities, it makes it really exciting to do an iPage hosting review.

Security is highly prioritized in iPage hosting. They lock all your data with them. With this they prevent you from any hacker trying to steal your data from the data base. They also offer a various other security options and facilities like the domain verification, scanning of the spam, keep the daily infectious malware away from your database and many more.

The components offered for sites are entirely broad. The most important features incorporate a site developer with layouts and a lot of scripts with your control panel. Disk space, databases, domains, and data transferring remittance are all boundless. Regardless of the amount of space your site needs or the amount of traffic you get, iPage won’t confine you. They are highly capable of dealing with it. They additionally offer maybe the business’ best supportive network which is answered every time, toll free phone support with the greater part of calls replied in less than a moment, text, and email support. They additionally have an online based ticket framework and numerous custom instructional exercises accessible for you to search.

Ipage Web Hosting Reviews India

In the process of Ipage Web Hosting Company Review, we got to see that they offer unlimited mailboxes, and are constantly performing throughput testing to ensure emails are sent and received rapidly. With email being the communication medium of choice for businesses today, iPage recognizes this and acts on that knowledge by emphasizing the importance of having a great email service offering.

With the current limited time offering, $1.99/month bargain, iPage is the least expensive shared hosting provider that offers the likelihood to have the same number of sites you need on the same record.

You will get an email with every one of the points of interest that expected to get to the recently purchased hosting account immediately after registration. You won’t face any problem regarding the startup as they provide the basic tutorial for it. They have registered a tool which can be very useful for the clients; especially for the new ones. The tool guides you to set up your website easily without wasting your valuable time.
There’s a vast server upgrading facility provided by iPage. If your site gets a high traffic or needs to increase the content, then, sticking with iPage comes in handy. They have a trusted server upgrading option.

iPage utilize a custom-bilt control board for their record administration, called vDeck. It incorporates every one of the components you will require from making your email account through to install scripts to deal with your billings. This is a program based control board that can be used right from iPage’s site utilizing the login data that you get after signing up. You can select favorites according to your needs. Such as the domain central as it is used as a hub for every domain, Ecwid Online Store for making an e-commerce online store easily, archive gateway to get to your data, affiliate program to get easy with marketing of ads, file manager option for managing your files in just a few clicks away, and so much more.

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If their help doesn’t reach your expatiation, need to change host, need to close your website, the reason does not make a difference, you can request a refund within 30 days of subscribe time amid your membership. Which is a good given period to check how they work on the promises that they have made.
Lastly, iPage provides a good service than the most of the web host providing companies in India. They have a better back-up service with a good support from their staff with an easy user friendly control panel. Overall, they have a low pricing on their services which makes iPage a top web host and is included in the top 10 of the top 10 web hosting companies in India.