Ipage is the most popular and inexpensive Web Hosting Company which offers Shared, Virtual and Dedicated Hosting Plans. The Company was established in 1998 as a Full Time Service provider. It completely re-launches its operations in 2009 as Web Hosting Company. It serves more than 2,000,000 Websites. Ipage is a Great choice for newbies and Small & Growing Business Organization.

Attributes of Ipage:

  • Easy Website, Domain, Email and File Management by using vDesk Control Panel
  • Free Templates will make Web Builder to build a website easily
  • Cheapest Web Hosting Company with 24X7 Customer Support
  • Use Free Hosting Service with 30 days Money Back Guarantee
  • Expand to VPS or Dedicated Web Hosting Service
  • Host Multiple Websites on same Shared Hosting Account
  • Provides Marketing Tools and Advertising Credits
  • Using World Class Web Hosting Technology

When you dedicated to start a Web Hosting Service, then you are thinking about which type of Web Hosting Plan need to choose. There are various types of Web hosting types. Shared Web Hosting is the most common type and it’s used by majority of Website. This is the least expensive and contains all you need to host and get your new Website Online.

Shared Web Hosting – Preamble

Shared Web Hosting is a type of Service where more number of Websites is stored on that Server. The Company that sells this service is known as Web Host and configures a server to hold as many Customers as the Server can handle. Each Customer has their Web stored on same server and is “sharing” the Server resource with other Customers.

Shared Hosting is compared as Building of Full Apartments. The Types of Neighbors is compared as Customer who are Sharing the Website with you. As like the Neighbors in the apartments, will be the Customer who all is sharing the Website.  Below is the Diagram to visualize an example of Shared Web Hosting.

Comfort of Shared Web Hosting:

In Shared Web Hosting everyone will be on Server and everyone will grab something on the Server. From this there will be a Competition for Resource such as Time on CPU, Memory, Disk Space and Bandwidth. This is good because it economizes the Resources so that the Cost will be reduced for you. Ipage provides Unlimited Space, Bandwidth and E-mail Accounts for the Users at the reduced Cost.

Specific Trademark of Ipage Shared Web Hosting:

Here are list of some of the Trademarks of Shared Web Hosting.

Domains and DNS:

In Hosting Website Domain is Unique and is not shared. Only your site appears on the Domain. But in the Shared Hosting Setup, the infrastructure the serves your domain will be Shared. Hundreds of IP address is shared on your Domain’s IP Address.

Backups and Restores:

Website Backups in Shared Hosting will be of periodic – Daily or Weekly of the Entire Servers disk Drives. This means your Site and Others from will be backed up together in one operation. Backups and Restores are done in a separate Host for the Shared Hosting Customers.

Symbolic Profile of Shared Web Hosting:

Shared Web Hosting is good for beginners and is ideal for most Websites with Minor levels of traffic. It is well suited for Small and Personal Websites because of their affordable and personal Website. Static Websites are good but along with dynamic websites like WordPress will also comes along with Shared Hosting Account.

Ipage Shared Web Hosting is Best because of their Rich Features, Great Speed and Effective Support Tunnels at Low Cost. This is because People get attracted to Ipage – shared Web Hosting.