Ipage was being founded around ten years back, but they were well-known in 2009. It is one of the greatest successes in hosting industry. Within a short span of time from 2009 it is ranking top on most of the hosting review sites. Ipage is also owned by a group of experienced people – Endurance International Group (EIG). It has more than 2 million domain names.

They have some biggest names under their like Bluehost, JustHost, FatCow, etc. There are lots of factors that make this Ipage better than all other web hosting companies. Over 1 MILLION websites being hosted worldwide. They have 2 data centers in the USA. They provide shared and WordPress hosting.


1. Cheapest Hosting Providers and Honest Pricing
2. Pretty Efficient Customer Support
3. Support of Third-Party Application and Integration Options
4. Easy Setup and Beginning
5. 30 Day Money back Guarantee

1. Cheapest Hosting Providers and Honest Pricing:

They are the most affordable hosting provider in the market, and the best thing is that you don’t need to buy long term plans for that. Many other web hosting providers appears very hidden cost in starting, but when you go through each and every aspect, you will come to know that it is far more expensive, but this is not in the case of Ipage. They will charge you what they are saying in all their plans in front of your eyes. No hidden charges and extra costs for any particular feature. There has been transparency in all their prices. They provide free “.com” domain also.

2. Pretty Efficient Customer Support:

As we already told you about the lowest price for hosting. This might be coming to your mind that because of lowest price, their customer support will not well or not have experienced technicians but no you are wrong. Their Customer support has the best team till date. They are providing decent 24/7 support by phone, email and live chat. Their friendly behavior always attracts to customers. They answer your entire query in minimum span of time with some extra useful details. When compared to others it will be the best experience for you related to support team.

3. Support of Third-Party Application and Integration Options:

Ipage managed this portion also very well. They connect with other application simply with Google Play, Paypal and more. It is very helpful for e-commerce website which needs to be more secure payment transactions. Ipage also has the facility of bonus credits on new account signup for google ad words, yahoo, and bing.

4. 30 Day Money back Guarantee:

They also have this fantastic money back feature with their hosting service. If anyone doesn’t like their services in between, they have this refund policy with them.


1. Below Average uptime of 99.84%
2. Page loading times 48% slower than Average

1. Below Average uptime of 99.84%:

There pricing is unbeatable, but they have some significant drawbacks also. In that scenario Uptime is the biggest concern for all of us. There pricing is the lowest amongst all, but at the same time, their uptime is also the lowest amongst all. This 99.84% is the average uptime over the past 12 months which is very low as compared to other hosting providers. This is not acceptable at any cost.

2. Page loading times 48% slower than Average:

Yes, Another primary concern is the page loading time for your website. It hurts you the most that world cheapest hosting service has the lowest page loading time. Slow page loading time undoubtedly impact on SEO. It means lower ranking and less visibility. If your site speed is slow 50% of your visitors will leave you at that moment.