Running a website requires a hosting Provider and a best domain registrar, which are the primary ingredients to get a website online. Ever since GoDaddy has offered domains for just $2, the number of sites has increased to millions in just two years.

Following the competition of GoDaddy, the other company started to offer the same without telling the new customer about the renewal cost which they have to pay after one year.

The number of sites registered is massive, but the renewals were extremely lower, so companies had to take down the offer of $2/first year offer because of the low renewal rates.

How To Save Money On Web Hosting?

Coming to the hosting account companies may offer it for a lesser price at first, but they have to make money out of the services, so they charge heavy from the second year.

As we have said that there is less number of renewals taking place every year, but there are people who are serious about their online venture and want to renew their plans.

The cost of the renewal is always higher than you can anticipate and most of the new customers have no idea on how much they have to pay during the renewal.

How do you save money while renewing your domain and hosting plan?

We are going to tell you how you can renew your account at the lowest price as possible.

Note: We are sharing the information after renewing the domain and hosting plans numerous times.

#1 – Offers

If you are planning to renew your domain, then usually domain providers like to retain their customers. They know that you are hesitating to renew your domain, so they send you offers to your registered emails.

Especially, whenever the expiry date is near, I receive several emails and phone calls from the Godaddy regarding offers.

Save Money On Web Hosting

They try to sell more of their products like Hosting along with domain renewal offers. Usually, they try to sell hosting plans along with domain renewal offer.

So, always check the promotional tab of your Google mail or any other mainly because they send you renewal offers.

#2 – Multiple Years

When you have purchased hosting account from a reputed company, then they offer you renewal plans. However, most of the companies do not have any major renewal offers because that is their primary income or you can say they compensate theirs from their earlier offers.

Save Money On Domains Renewals

The best way to save is by adding multiple years to your plan. If you are satisfied with the services of your present hosting company, then add two or three years of plans because it reduces the monthly price.

The same theory applies to your domain as well. In many special occasions companies offer unbelievable renewal offers, so take it while you have it.

#3 – Coupons

If you can dig deeper into the web, then you can find many websites offering coupon codes for renewal. The chances are extremely thin, but there are sites where they have working codes for renewal, which you will never find on the official sites.

Personally, we give our best shot at buying domains and hosting accounts for multiple years because it cuts down the monthly price to $1, which is super saver pack.

Majority of the coupons don’t work, but it’s worth to give it a shot.


Unfortunately, many services are online who are offering free renewals to those who are willing to transfer their domains from reputed registration to unknown registration.

The companies who are offering free renewals are new and cannot be trusted at all cost. We do not recommend you to transfer your domain to non-reputed registration.

But, you won’t have a problem in hosting account because you can get a free hosting account until you buy a premium one.


You cannot save money directly unless you are willing to renew it for two or three years. If you are confident about your website, then you should go for multiple year plans that will save you money big time. Let us know if you know any alternative solution to save money on renewals.