I’m a blogger and I’ve been promoting hosting services for over 5 years now. I’ve been an affiliate partner with so many hosting services like Bluehost, Go, Daddy, Dreamhost etc. However, the company I liked the most was HostGator.

I joined HostGator as an affiliate some 4 and half years ago. Till now I’ve made thousands of dollars promoting this service through my blog. Hence, I’m in a good position to tell you how you too can make money from Hostgator affiliate program.

What is Hostgator Affiliate Program?

In simple words, HostGator affiliate program is based on Pay Per Lead. It means you sell hosting services to people online through your website/blog on the behalf HostGator. People come to your website and from there you redirect them to the Hostgator’s website where they sign up and buy a hosting plan for a year. For each valid sign up you get paid from HostGator via your PayPal account or a check mailed to your address. Always do remember you get paid if someone buys hosting service for Hatching, Baby or Business plan.

Who is it for?

I want to be blunt here! I really don’t want to mislead you by saying you can make thousands of dollars in just a few weeks. No, it is not going to happen. You have to work hard in order to sell even a single hosting plan.

You must have some prior experience with blogging and affiliating marketing. Your website/blog must receive quality relevant traffic each day. Casual approach of yours can fail you not just as a Hostgator affiliate but any other affiliate for that matter.

Where do You Join the Hostgator Affiliate Program From?

There are many ways to sign up for the Hostgator Affiliate program but the best one is by going to the Hostgator site directly.

Hostgator affiliate program is made available through Impact Radius. Once you’ve signed up via Impact Radius it would take 3 -4 days to get an approval.

The entire sign up process is very easy and available to everyone irrespective of the country they live in. Moreover, you don’t need to have a Hostgator hosting account for the sign-up. There is no such requirement.

You can also join through other affiliate networks like Commission Junction, Share A Sale etc but this is unnecessary.

Hostgator Affiliate Commission Rates

You might be asking what’s in it for me?

Well! The commission that Hostgator is willing to pay its affiliates no other company comes near it.

1 – 5 $50/Sign Up 5 X $50 = $250
6 – 10 $75/Sign Up 10 X $75 = $750
11 – 20 $100/Sign Up 20 X $100 = $2000
21+ $125/Sign Up 21 X $125 = $2625

Hence you can easily earn up to $2625 a month selling Hosting service.

3 Simple Steps to Make Money from Hostgator Affiliate Program

It takes just 3 steps to make money from the program.

Step 1: Getting Affiliate Links

Once you have signed up the affiliate program through Impact Radius you need to get Affiliate links and banner ads for promotion. In order to get the promotional material, you can log into your Hostgator affiliate dashboard and get all kinds of links from there. Hostgator uses this affiliate link to track all your qualified referrals and credit money into your account accordingly. This technology helps Hostgator to identify each of their affiliate partners.

Step 2: Creating a Website or Blog

Although there are many ways of promoting an affiliate product but I will recommend you to promote this by creating a blog on WordPress. You are going to place your affiliate links and banner ads in your each blog post. Whether you are going to succeed or fail will depend on the website/blog you create. The content of your website must be so powerful that every 1 out of 10 visitors must be compelled to buy hosting service from Hostgator willingly.  The niche of your blog must correspond to what you try to sell. For example, my blog was on “How to start a Blog”. I shared my experience with blogging and inspired people to do the same. Hence for signing up a hosting service, I recommended HostGator. That’s how I promoted the Hostgator. The content of your website is very important.

Step 3: Promoting the Affiliate Program and Making Money

In order to get visitors, you need to promote your blogs through various platforms. The most important one is a search engine. Hence, you have to learn basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You obviously have to beat your competition. You also need to explore other mediums like social media and email marketing for promotion. You must place affiliate links to the strategic location of your blog.For example, place affiliate links inside your blog post and banner ads on the sidebar, above and below the post.

Reporting, Tracking sales and Getting Paid

You can get a much detailed report like invoice ID, Client ID, device, domain etc in the Reporting section. You can also track your coupon codes and affiliate links easily. You receive payment from Impact Radius through PayPal or a Check. I prefer using a PayPal account. Now you can get paid on any given day of the month or when you hit a threshold.

Few Important Tips for New Affiliates

  1. Niche and content of your blog are very important for getting quality traffic.
  2. Always try to get traffic from English speaking countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia etc. Visitors from these countries are more likely to buy a hosting plan.
  3. Do not mislead your visitors. They may sign up for now but later they will cancel hence Hostgator will reject it as a sale. Don’t use dirty tactics to get traffic.
  4. Finally be patient. It will take months before you generate even a single sale.

Issues with Hostgator Affiliate Program

Everything is not so hunky-dory with the Hostgator affiliate program. I also need to show you the other side of the picture.

Large numbers of referrals are deemed invalid by the HostGator hence they don’t pay you anything.

Usually, affiliates complain that they referred dozens of customers and got them to sign up for hosting plans but Hostgator never approved them.

The 2 main reasons that Hostgator gives to their affiliates for declaring their referrals invalid are

  1. Duplicate sales
  2. Customer Cancelled the account hence affiliates will not receive any commission.

In fact, they can reject almost every sale of yours giving some reason.

My Honest Reviews About Hostgator Affiliate Program

Well, you may get disappointed after reading the previous paragraph. Rejection is true but it is only for affiliates who are promoting using illegitimate means. Hostgator works only for affiliate marketers who promote genuinely through their great website/blog receiving quality traffic every day.

In my experience, if your website is genuine and you get quality traffic then customers will definitely end up buying a hosting plan.

I personally had no issues with Hostgator because my blog is genuine and visitors coming to it are very serious about starting a blog. Hence Hostgator approved my every referral.

The rejection rate is very low for me. Finally, Hostgator has worked for me and it can work for you too.