Before starting off with “How to make a website like airbnb ? ”, let’s get a glimpse of what Airbnb is all about (for those who are unaware).

What is Airbnb ?

Airbnb is an online space for people to find and list living space for rent. People can find accommodation spaces online as a user by directly contacting the property owners and those who wish to list their space for hire can do so by turning into a host in Airbnb. Connecting accommodation requirements to property owners is what Airbnb does in its own way

How beneficial is Airbnb for Rental Booking Business?

Airbnb revolutionized the home rental industry which was clearly not one of the much talked about industry like food, fashion or gadgets for that matter. Started as a two-people venture in 2008, Airbnb, after a span of 7+ years, holds 50 millions active users, provides 5,00,000 stays per night on an average, has 6,40,000 properties listed and the statistics extends a long way.

The profound success of Airbnb’s rental mechanism turned it into a tried and tested methodology for booking & rental business and certainly inspired many clone attempts. Such attempts have not only resulted in Airbnb clone scripts but also triggered an adoption of Airbnb’s rental mechanism for booking and renting other requirements like cars, bikes etc.

On the whole, Airbnb has become a bible for those who could start an online business venture with renting and booking as their key motive.

How to get started for cloning of Airbnb ?

Well, there are only two possible ways to achieve this. Opting for from-the-scratch development (or) Clone scripts

Case #1 Vacation rental website build

Custom website build will demand a lot from your side right from market research to support and everything inbetween. Listing all the processes involved in a custom website build and the capital required for it, we have come up with an approximate estimation of sorts for you to get a rough idea.

1. Market Research – Keyword research, market testing
2. Domain Name – 10$ to 1000$ +
3. Choose a Web Hosting – 500$ to 1000$ +
4. Development Process – Depends on the functionalities and features to demand
5. Website Design – 2000$ to 5000$ +
6. Web Development – 3000$ to 8000$ +
7. Testing – 1000$ to 3000$ +
8. Additional – Support and maintenance for website, hosting and regular technical upgrades

Pros and cons of developing a custom website


. Guaranteed uniqueness in all the way right from design to technicalities
. Never worry about customization and third-party integrations
. Your website can be built to your specific requirements


. Loads of development cost
. Loads of time spent on research and to choose everything on your own
. Staff hiring
. Finding the right development team
. Dependency on the coding agency or development company for future upgrades

Case #2 Clone Scripts

While a custom web development demands a lot, homeaway scripts are easy and ready-to-go solutions that demand nothing but a keen eye to choose the best among millions available in the market.

Well, what to consider before choosing for a best Airbnb clone script is the million dollar question. We guess, this checklist could help

Customizability – 100% customizability is what you need to tweak, downsize and do much more in order to turn a script into your kind of website.

Hosting – Hosting provision is of key importance as your website can soo become an online hub for people to come and get what they want. After the spending you do and marketing effort you put in, you don’t want to lose customers just because your server is not able to scale adaptively.

Security – Make sure the Airbnb clone script offers utmost security for safe payment transactions and data safety.

Updates – Regular updates are necessary for your site to be technically sound and upgraded and adopt evolving technologies and trends

Support – A support team for looking into your queries, providing consultations on-demand, getting clarifications on configuring your home away script.

What concludes our checklist for buying a good Airbnb script is the enlisting of some of the best Airbnb clones available.

Apptha Airhotels – Get Free 3 Add-ons & 1 Yr Cloud Hosting

Apptha Airhotels is a Magento vacation rental script replicates almost all the functionalities available in Airbnb. This vacation rental software offers 1 year free hosting on Amazon cloud which saves you a chunk of hosting cost and provides 3 free add-ons inclusive of it’s package price of $599.

Video support in homepage and property detail pages, smart search with map support, multiple currency, language and payment gateway support, verified property listing, dashboard for admin, internal communication system for guest and host, recurring payment support (subscription based booking), hourly booking, additional provisions for property detailing like ‘Special Fee’, ‘Overnight Fee’, rules and regulations etc, profile pages for hosts with updates on property bookings, reviews and ratings moderation panel for hosts, one-step checkout, adaptive revenue sharing between hosts and admin and much more are a part and parcel of Apptha’s Airhotels.

Alstrasoft – Make a Website Like Airbnb


Multiple revenue opportunities is the key highlight with this airbnb clone script including ad revenue. This vacation rental website software is suitable for accommodation finding business of all sizes. It comes packed with easy-to-use admin features which simplifies management related tasks for admin no matter how many property a website hosts. Setup process is clean and good to go live in less time.

NineHertz – Create Your Own Vacation Rental Site in Mins


Known for its management related back-end controls this Airbnb clone script is good to go for those who need complete control over the happenings of the vacation rental website. Probably a fine choice for online accommodation business aspirants and entrepreneurs who like to make a mark in the travel industry.

Advanced search option of this vacation rental website template makes things easy for users to find their favourite location and multiple language support provides travelers the convenience of experiencing the website in their native language.



For those who are keen in testing their website before launch, ClayDip provides the convenience you wish for through its Pre-launch Mode and Private Beta Mode . This feature helps in getting an idea of how your rental website will look like and also the experience of it.

It is fully equipped and is more suitable for large sized travel business. Managing emails, hosts, guests, currency switching, payment gateway, regions (countries) and many others can be done easily with it’s extensive array of back end controls.