Web hosting is one of the foundational elements of the Internet. Without it, most of the internet would be empty. Nowadays, there are thousands of hosting companies that let you put up your professional or personal website with minimal cost and maximum performance.

So, to help you choose among the many, here is a feature by feature analysis of two popular web hosting companies, GoDaddy and Hosting Raja. While the two companies have completely different scope altogether with GoDaddy being one of the most popular web hosting services and Hosting Raja being a newbie in the domain of web hosting, they have locked horns by all means.

Some Essential Features

From the outset, the two companies are exactly similar as they both are shared hosting platforms. However, the hosting plan for GoDaddy is slightly cheaper, than that of Hosting Raja if you compare the monthly rates offered by these two hosting platforms. However, these prices are starting prices, and they vary depending on the demands of the client. However, from the starting price itself, GoDaddy offers unlimited bandwidth while Hosting Raja offers only 5 GB usage.

The disk space provided differs significantly too. GoDaddy offers a humongous disk space of 100 GB while Hosting Raja offers only a 1000 MB or nearly 1 GB.

Godaddy FeaturesHosting Raja Features
Domain: Cheap and Free for some plansBit costly and Free for some plans
Support: 24/7 call support and no tech chat supportImpressive chat support and also call support is good
Email: Cheap and Free for some hosting plansBit costly and Free for some hosting plans
Plans: Few plans onlyLot of plans with cheap prices
Offers: GoodThe Best

Popularity, The Global Ranks

The difference between positions is telling in this case, with GoDaddy having a global rank of 88 while Hosting Raja is at 32710th position. The huge difference between the two positions has a lot to do with GoDaddy and its global branding, but from the first point, it is easily understandable that GoDaddy caters to bigger crowds and more focused clients. So, its pervasiveness and ranking are also much better.

Importance Of User experience

However, when you come to the point of user experience, there is a surprisingly positive vibe about Hosting Raja despite its earlier pitfalls. Based on user experience, GoDaddy is given 92 out of 100 while Hosting Raja has received 87, proving that Hosting Raja is doing it right despite the vast gap between the two.

In fact, when it comes to user sentiment, 87% people have voted GoDaddy great while in the case of Hosting Raja, it is 83%. However, due to a wider user base, GoDaddy has received much more votes than Hosting Raja. Hosting Raja has proved its credibility well enough, despite its lower rankings and minor service.

The cutting edges

In the department of product support, online storage, transfer domain and submitting support tickets, GoDaddy edges ahead Hosting Raja significantly. However, Hosting Raja can boast of a better community of users with brilliant control panel design and help services. It also has a live chat for the support services.

From the overview, it is understandable that Hosting Raja is perfect if you are looking to belong to a community of tightly knit users who use the website for their personal purpose. However, if you are interested in building a professional internet site, GoDaddy is where you should go.