Bigrock Vs Godaddy!!, Actually this post has been published on August 2015, Today(September 2017) I have edited this with updated points.

Hosting services are challenging and competing with each continuously. Still someone needs to go up and seek the tag of best. Have a look down to know more.

Godaddy is a popular name in the domain registration field. It is well known all over the world for providing its customers with their own domain names through which they are able to control quite a lot of functions of their websites. Godaddy provides cheap products that are good and also provide satisfaction to numerous customers.

Easy navigation is one of the features which make Godaddy one of the best providers of domains. Other factors that provide satisfaction to users are technical support and the numerous tutorials that have been created based on Godaddy.

Godaddy products are the best products and this is the reason why it is more famous when compared to Bigrock. The offers provided by Bigrock are more beneficial than Godaddy.

Bigrock is a domain registrar platform which has gained popularity in India recently and is now known as one of the best services providers of this country. Numerous bloggers and website owners believe that Bigrock is better than Godaddy. The reasons for this are listed below:

What does the customer says?

Bigrock Reviews and Godaddy Reviews says both are quite similar in this criterion. Both are at a neck to neck competition for providing customer services and no users have reported any problems that they have faced regarding the customers services.

Godaddy Big Rock
Not bad still not the bestGood

Godaddy Vs Bigrock Who is your daddy now!!

Paid and un-paid Privacy Registration

Domain offers privacy as admit details can only be known through mobile number and address. There is nothing to lose out on if you do not have this but since it is available for free with Bigrock, one does not need to pay extra. Through this protection the details of the site are protected from viewers

Godaddy Big Rock
PaidDoes not need to pay extra

Some More and Some less Offers:

When you want to use any feature with Godaddy the user is required to make a purchase. Whereas, Bigrock does not require payment for every feature and thus offers some features without any additional cost. Godaddy gives a domain name at a cheap rate. Bigrock on the other hand charges considerably higher and also provides private registration, e mail accounts and many other features.

Some of the features provided by these domain registration platforms are discussed below

Prices When You Register a Domain:

Godaddy is very cheap and provides all its products for low rates. Even though all the products are offered at cheap there are numerous users that would advice that only the domain should be purchased from Godaddy and not any other product. It is better to choose any other renowned name for hosting. The coupon codes of Godaddy will provide you with the lowest and best price. Bigrock is also a domain registrar and numerous coupon discounts are available for this provider as well.

Godaddy Big Rock
Cheap there are numerous usersNumerous coupon discounts are available

How many email accounts each provide:

This email id is different from the email id a user has with Gmail or Yahoo. The domain name used is the domain of the website being registered. Bigrock provides two e mail accounts when a user registers using this platform.

Godaddy Big Rock

Packages for any type of hosting:

The best host should be selected and due to its features Godaddy might not be considered as the best host. Numerous issues have been found by customers who have used Godaddy as a host.

Godaddy Big Rock
Selected with numerous issuesNumerous are available

Godaddy Linux Hosting Plans

bigrock vs godaddy

Godaddy WordPress Hosting Plans

godaddy vs bigrock- Godaddy WordPress Plans

Bigrock Linux Hosting Plans

godaddy vs bigrock- Bigrock Linux Plans

Bigrock WordPress Hosting Plans

godaddy vs bigrock- Bigrock WordPress Plan


Depending on the overall selection still Godaddy rules the market as its huge promotions and offers. Still somehow Big Rock will catch up with the very best with little time.