The web is full of immense recommendations and glowing reviews regarding multiple numbers of hosting. But how to find the best hosting is the real question out here. Well, although the hosting companies provide space and server for running the website but the traffics and scale can be a hindrance in the smooth performance.

Even almost every company claims that you can run and install in their servers. But it is not the reality and you’ll very quickly discover it.

Hosting Types

Basically there are two main types of hosting which are equipped with different features. It is essential to have a thorough understanding about it to implement the hosting in a better way.

1. Traditional Hosting– In this type, you are essentially provided the server space and some sort of support. But this is not just where it ends. You have to make sure to do the following things

  • Set up the hosting access.
  • Install CMS on your own or migrate the old site to .
  • Have to manage updates to core, extensions and plugins.
  • Have to regularly backup your site.
  • The security issues that the host is not responsible of should be dealt on your own.
  • Handling the traffic scaling.

2. Managed Hosting– This is the probably the best hosting process. There, the providers will take care of every aspect and you can fully concentrate on your area of work- contents.

How to Get the Best One?

From the innumerable options available and to find out the best, two things should be done for having a practical analysis of the whole process.

1. Get some information from the actual users about hosting platforms and their experiences.

2. Test yourself on some of the platforms to have an in depth idea about the whole hosting process. However, to decide which hosting is the best fit for you, consider the below mentioned points while choosing.

  • The Cost: Compare the price with the different platforms. There are chances that even the best hosting companies’ quotes for a very cheap package.
  • Space: This is yet another important thing. The amount of space enlisted in the server for the physical storage part is very crucial.
  • Bandwidth: Just don’t go blindly with the term ‘Unlimited’. It often ends with certain terms and condition. Bandwidth denotes the amount of traffic that the hosting platform can handle per month. So make sure, just like the space, go thoroughly with the terms of the provider.
  • Sites: The number of sites that you can run on a package.
  • Domains: Having an option of registering any domains which are available on offers.
  • Marketing Options: Look out for marketing incentives from any of the big name companies.

So, now the question is whether all the above stated features are important for you? The answer is Yes; to get the best. So while all managed hosts may not deliver on these fronts, but there are many more which provides the right platform, and this is what needs to be checked.

Top 3 Best Hosting in India

In the world of internet hosting services nobody can beat as they are the biggest platform for any kind of website in the digital scenario. This is the reason why almost all the web hosting companies are selling Hosting exclusively. And believe it or not it is going to be proved as the hot cake for them. People sometimes ask why it is so. The answer is has the state of art features include a plugin architecture and a template system. They have the enormous client base with their services attached as they support over 60 million websites worldwide and the count is moving on and on and on.

1. InMotion Hosting-12 User Reviews

Their hosting has everything you need for your website like WP-CLI Integration, pre-installed, auto updates, and free backups are some of the impressive features which makes Inmotion Hosting the leader of the industry. And the cherry on the cake is their 24/7 access to the technical support system. They have provided one of the best in class services for their customers in terms of various hosting plans. An exciting feature BoldGrid, by which you can build your new website in quick time.

Pros– Inmotion has a number of pros with them. Some of the best advantages of using Inmotion are pre-installed with ready to use facility, unlimited hosting facility, freedom to use any of the plugins, hassle free up-gradation, 90-days full money back guarantee, and a free domain name on every hosting purchase.

Cons– Inmotion have some affordable plans which are really pocket friendly but the problem is they have certain limitations with them. While the unlimited plans are quite costly.

2. BlueHost-7 User Reviews

They are a big name in the industry. They offer optimized hosting for which is simple, fast but at the same time very much secured. This optimization is done with the help of scalable cloud infrastructure. All this comes with an easy to use dashboard which clearly depicts you about your resource utilization. They use SiteLock utility to provide you a tight and integrated security of 360 degree scanning. The quick generation and activation of SSL is again a benchmark feature.

Pros– BlueHost has certain advantages over their rivals like – they use CodeGuard which takes care of the backup of your websites. It is actually a cloud based solution which comes pre-integrated with every plan of BlueHost. In case of any loss, you just need to take a few clicks and you will find that your website has been restored.

Cons– The customer support is based in USA only, so they could not give you the solution in your country other than USA especially the financial transactions and options.

3. HostingRaja- 9 User Reviews

The best Indian web hosting company which is doing marvelous job in the business. They are simply reliable with their services. They have 1 click installation with cPanel platform which actually takes them to ahead of other players in the market. They provide you un-limited sub-domains, Email accounts and FTP accounts. Their new Tier-4 Data-center with cutting edge technology is the distinction in the job. Overall the features they had installed 6 phase security on their servers, which really makes them robust.


Pros– As they had focused in India only for their services they are providing customer support in the regional Indian languages. And they provide their technical support services in an awesome manner with 24/7 availability. Their plans for web hosting are quite competitive and worth for their great services.

Cons– They are bit slow to respond through chat in the customer services. And also sometimes their uptime sink down from the 99.9% level.